Friday, April 23, 2021

Hard to imagine being thankful when you get knocked down

   When you are faced with negative circumstances that knock you down it is hard to be thankful. But as long as you can get back up on your feet, you have to be thankful.

  It may be a tough time for you but you have to be thankful that it wasn't worse. You have to be thankful that you can get back up.

  Just like it may be expensive if you have to replace your roof on your house, you still have to be thankful that you have a house to put a roof on. Because some people don't.

  Or like an expensive unexpected car repairs need done, you still have to be thankful that you have a car. 

  Sometimes in life one negative thing after another can happen all at the same time. I describe it "when it rains it pours" but you have to be thankful because it always could have been worse.

  I know everyone has experienced a time in life when we have complained to someone about all the "raining" we are dealing with. Only to then realize that the negative situations that they are facing make us feel embarrassed to even had complained about it at all. 

  We admire those individuals who triumph despite the many obstacles they face. You too can admire how you overcame all the obstacles that you face on your life's journey.

  Especially the obstacles that we are all facing while navigating our way during a pandemic. Times are tough but you have to be thankful because you can look around you and see that it could have been a whole lot worse. 

  Just waking up each day to face the obstacles is a reason to be thankful. 

  Be kind to everyone you meet because you have no idea what they may be facing.

 a whole lot worse. 

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