Monday, August 24, 2020

Without competition your opinion means nothing

Having competition will keep everyone to compete for your business. Without all the "Mom and Pop" stores to keep them honest they honestly don't have to care whether their customers are happy or not. They know that since the customers have no where else to even get what they need, they will have no choice but to come there if they want it. The pandemic has caused, and will continue to cause a lot of these "Mom and Pop" stores to close their doors for good. As that happens the "customer service" at those stores remaining open will not be necessarily good because they have no competition. They know that customers won't dare complain when they have no where else to get what they need. They will have to take whatever the store managers and employees do if what they need can only be purchased there. So keep this in mind when you need something now to support your local "Mom and Pop" stores so they can remain open. Because having competition will keep stores competing for your business.

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