Friday, August 7, 2020

Is a junk drawer really full of junk?

The more time I spend at home the more "junk drawers" I find. I have also realized that "junk drawers" are not always in a drawer. I found "junk drawers" in baskets, in boxes, as well as drawers. There seemed to be a "junk drawer" in every room, tucked somewhere out of sight. As I needed things I would dig through a "junk drawer' hoping to find just what I needed. What I noticed was most of what was in these "junk drawers" was really junk. They were full of all kinds of things that I would never need or even use. I would find little tidbits of pieces needed for things that I didn't even own anymore. Have you looked at what you have in your "junk drawers" recently? It is a walk down memory lane as the tidbits bring up old memories. I decided to spend a few seconds each time I found myself digging through a "junk drawer" to enjoy the memory of an item then throw it away. Slowly but surely I got rid of enough junk out of the "junk drawer" to quickly be able to find the tools and the tidbits that I might need. By the time I get done, I hope to have only one "junk drawer" in the whole house not one in each room. You never know what you might find in a "junk drawer" but I guarantee you that if you look through your "junk drawer" you will find a lot of junk.

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