Monday, December 3, 2018

What you see is what you get

You may not see everything at a quick glance. Which is why you should look at things from all the angles. If you only read the first chapter of a book, you will have no idea what the book is about. If you read the first chapter and the last chapter, you will have no idea what led to the outcome. You will have to read all of the book to really understand the whole story. I recently watched a friend destoy her relationship with a friend over absolutely nothing. She thought she had to after learning about an incident that happened. But when she later heard all the facts surrounding the incident, she realized that her friend did nothing wrong. Unfortunately she reacted so harshly that her friend decided that she just didn't want a friend who would throw away their friendship over something she should have known she would never do. Although her friend knew she wouldn't do something like that, she didn't get the whole story before she reacted. Once you react you can't take it back. You can say your sorry but once you reacted, the damage is done. It is a reminder to make sure you get all the facts before you react. That's like running out of gas in your car and you buy a new engine just because it won't start. If you would take the time, you would notice the gas gauge was on empty.  Before you make a decision get all the facts or you may make an uneducated guess that you have to live with. Once you react the decision is made.

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