Wednesday, December 19, 2018

The jolly of Christmas

Most holidays only bring one twenty four hour period of celebration. But Christmas is enjoyed starting the day after Thanksgiving. They even give it a name, black Friday. That's around thirty days to enjoy the joy that Christmas brings. Now we are counting down the last few days. Every where you go during the Christmas season you can see and feel the jolly. If only every one could keep this feeling every day of the year, we would have World Peace. Now that all the gifts are wrapped you can sit down and relax and enjoy the festive colors that makes you feel all holly and jolly inside. Every time I walk in my front door I am greeted with all the colorful joy of Christmas. Although I am looking forward to the start of the New Year, I know it means that the Christmas season has to end. But for the next few days there is plenty of jolly to enjoy. Hope everyone has a holly jolly Christmas.

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