Friday, December 28, 2018

There are remnants everywhere

On Christmas you watch the bows being torn off the presents and tossed aside. You hear the sounds of paper being ripped so quickly that it gets shredded. Little pieces of paper fly through the air. You see the adults trying to pick up the trash as soon as it lands somewhere. As an adult they know that if they aren't paying attention a part of a new present can get accidentally thrown away. How many of you have had to dig through the Christmas trash to find something? Sometimes they don't get to the gift right away to play because they are busy playing with other toys. And that can be after you have taken out all the trash and the garbage man has already hauled it to the dump. Heck it's not just on Christmas that I have had to dig in the trash to retrieve something after I had thrown it away. I thought I had cleaned up all the paper that had been thrown about but I keep finding little dime size pieces of paper that had apparently caught a draft of wind and soared to far away places. Some pieces I found had to have fallen off someone's clothing as they went through the house. Because unless a tornado swirled them about they couldn't possibly have gotten where they are. Everytime a see a piece, a smile comes on my face as I relive the memory of their smiling faces as they opened their gifts. Curious if you leave your Christmas tree up until after New Years? I definitely am because I heard it was bad luck if you take it down before then. I am not necessarily super sticious but I see no reason to take that chance. 

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