Friday, March 16, 2018

Through the eye's of a child

Children have eyes that see only what they want to. That is the way they see past all the chaotic things around them and are able to enjoy everything else. Unfortunately as an adult you have to keep your attention on everything to navigate through the real world. Luckily when I am spending time with my grandkids I am able to relax and forget about all the chaos going on and just enjoy every moment with them. Children have a way to bring out the child inside adults. You even forget about your aches and pains and are able to play right along with them. The exercise is good for you and the laughter you share with them is just as healthy for your mind body and soul. But after they go home you instantly feel your age again. It's like that movie "Cacoon", where the pods growing at that nursing home made the old people regain their youth. Children have a way to make sure everyone around them enjoys every moment too.
  When your life gets tough try looking at your life through a child's eye for an hour or two to have a break from it. Find a hobby that distracts you from the stress and let the kid in you come out to play so you can enjoy it.

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