Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Don't let them zap the joy out of you!

Have you ever known someone that you can see them coming and feel a strong sense that you are about to run into a brick wall and get knocked down? Literally before they utter a single word you know that what is fixing to spew out of their mouth and all over you is going to zap the joy right out of you. It's a feeling of dread that overwhelms you instantly. I often wander if they notice the chipper happy look on your face that changes as they speak to the look of exhausted defeat. It has made me take more notice of a person's face that I spend time with. If I see their smile fading I quickly change the conversation to something that makes the mood more uplifting. When I was young we would say to them don't be a Debby Downer. Unfortunately there are just some people who don't care or even notice how far down they take people. Would you notice?

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