Wednesday, March 28, 2018

The thrill of the hunt

The children are ready for Easter morning to finally get here. They of course are anxious to see what the Easter bunny will fill their baskets with. They sure are looking forward to the thrill of the Easter egg hunt. They each excitedly describe in detail memories from past experiences. They can't seem to agree whether the outcome of the golden egg that was fought over was fair. As my grandaughter was climbing to retrieve the golden egg that she had spotted high in a tree the comotion got my grandsons attention. He is older than her and faster. He went as fast as lightning up into the tree and got the golden egg. There was crying and arguing over who it belong to. We decided the egg belonged to my granddaughter because she saw it first. But the problem for my gradson was that someone could see a brightly coloured egg from across the yard first but if someone else grabbed it first we wouldn't make them give it to them. I agree. But being half way up the tree and someone bigger and faster races behind you and reaches it first, well that is somehow different. What do you think ? Who should have gotten the golden egg? This year we will keep them out of the trees and we will have more than one golden egg.

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