Monday, February 5, 2018

Shed more than pounds

You can have a more abundant life by eliminating a few things. Less is more sometimes. When you can cut out of your life the things and people that are making your life complicated, you feel rejuvenated. It is a big weight off of your shoulders that makes your life simpler. We tend to resist change and hang on to things we know that we would be better off without. We keep people in our lives even though we can clearly see that they are weighing you down. It's like trying to save someone from drowning but in reality they are weighing you down so much that you yourself are drowning. Keep a record of exactly what is going on in your "drowning moments" so you can clearly see why you are drowning. You can't carry a bunch of heavy sandbags and still expect to stay afloat. It's your choice. Are you going to sink or swim?

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