Monday, February 19, 2018

It is hard to tell

There was a time when you could tell when someone wasn't telling the truth. Unfortunately being dishonest is something children become accustomed to seeing and they don't develope a conscience. And without a conscience they don't feel guilt, shame or compassion. They have become desensitized to human emotions. They can tell you a lie looking you straight in the face without blinking an eye. When the same person told another lie I looked as hard as I could at their nose to see if it maybe slightly twitched as the words came out of their mouth. But there was no sign at all. Each time they told another lie I would watch intently for a sign. I often wandered why I continued to listen to them at all. In some ways I was determined to one day be able to see some kind of sign. Most people have their own built in warning system which is called their conscience. It goes off when they are about to or have done something wrong. I was taught let your conscience be your guide. There definitely is a lot of lost souls out there.

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