Friday, February 2, 2018

Relax your stress away

Find as many things as you can that helps you to relax. Stress can come out of nowhere and the more tools you have to flush it away the better. Stress puts your body in distress. The damage it physically causes is irreversible. Be prepared to ease your stress levels anytime and anywhere.  For instance painting may relax you but you can't always be home where you can paint. Being outside enjoying the fresh air might relax you but can't always go outside to relax. Along with physical things that can relax you there needs to be thoughts that can relax you anywhere you are. In your mind create a "happy place" that you can go to that can help you to relax at anytime you need to. It sounds impossible to do but your imaginary space in your mind is so visual that you can literally feel as if you are physically there. Just like reliving memories can be so vivid that you feel as though you are actually back in time reliving them. My "happy place" is near a water fountain. I can hear the water trickling down and feel the breeze blowing in my hair as if I am actually transported there. It takes concentration to get there but that is how you relieve your stress by concentrating hard to get to your "happy place".

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