Monday, February 26, 2018

No matter what you have to do it but will it take you twenty minutes or hours to do it?

Whether you are young or old we all have things we have to do no matter how much we don't want to do them. So try to find a way to make it fun. You can listen to music while you do it, that may help. You can reward yourself with something after it is done, that may help. The longer you put it off the longer it will weigh heavy on your mind not allowing you to really relax. Once you get it done you can just flush it out of your mind. The sooner you get it done the more time you will have to spend doing whatever you want. Why would you spend half your day dreading doing it when it only takes twenty minutes to do? You will feel exhausted from hours of stressing about it. It is easier and less stressful to just do it in the first twenty minutes then you will have the rest of the day stress free.

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