Friday, February 9, 2024

You may not be able to FIX it but you definitely can make sure you don't make it WORSE

    You may not have the SOLUTION to their problem but you can make sure you don't cause them anymore PROBLEMS.

    You may not know the ANSWERS to their QUESTIONS but you can make them feel HEARD.

    You may not UNDERSTAND what they are going through but you can ACKNOWLEDGE what they are going through.

    You may not know what to SAY to HELP but you can take the time to LISTEN to them and that will HELP.

   They are not EXPECTING you to FIX their PROBLEMS but they are HOPING that you CARE enough to LISTEN to them.

   If you LISTEN to them it will give them a chance to JUST FLUSH IT out of their minds so PEACE OF MIND will have ROOM to get in.

   If you take the time to LISTEN, it will give them a chance to FIGURE out what they need to do for themselves as they SAY it OUT LOUD.

    All they may need is someone to take the time to LISTEN so they can CLEAR their mind so they can think MORE CLEARLY to FIGURE out what THEY NEED to do to FIX IT.

   Will you give them a MOMENT of your time?


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