Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Since prices on groceries are rising you got to UP YOUR GAME

    Grocery prices started rising during the pandemic but now the pandemic is over but PRICE GOUGING is apparently here to stay.

   At first they said it was because of the pandemic but now they won't say that it is because they can GET AWAY WITH IT. 

   Unfortunately we all have to ACCEPT that the prices are not going down so we have to get CREATIVE to be able to AFFORD to eat.

   Luckily being CREATIVITY is fun especially if you make it an EASTER EGG HUNT to find a bargain price.

   I get excited to find items on sale especially when I get something BOGO.


   It isn't a BARGAIN PRICE if it EXPIRES before you can eat it. 

   There are many things in Life that you have NO CONTROL OVER like the HIGH PRICES of groceries but you are IN CONTROL of how CREATIVE you are to find a BARGAIN PRICE.

  With a little bit of a IMAGINATION and some CREATIVITY and PLANNING you can keep your COST for FOOD down to earth.




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