Monday, September 6, 2021

It may not seem that important but...

  Take a few moments to sit down and have some "small talk" with someone.

  It may not seem like "small talk" is important but it is. What you learn from a minute of "small talk" may be very helpful to you later in your life.

  At the time you just enjoy visiting them and you relax together while you are just having conversations about nothing in particular just "small talk."

  But you just may learn some important information that can help you or someone you love navigate through a tough situation years later.

  As you lend them your ear to allow them to tell you about random things you just may hear about things that you will need to know one day later in your life.

  It may seem like "small talk" is small but it is the moments you will treasure most about the time you have spent with those you love.

  Big things come in small packages. Every moment you get to relax and enjoy each others company is moments you both will treasure.

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