Wednesday, March 8, 2017

You could stop and give them hope

As I pulled into the store parking lot I could see a car with the trunk wide open with bags of items filling the parking space behind them. As I got out to go in I saw a spare tire and the tool to change it in the parking space beside it. But no one was around it. As I headed into the store I saw a lady sitting on the curb looking distraught. I knew I physically couldn't help her change it but I did stop to ask her had she called anyone to come help her. Thank goodness she had someone on the way. She had mentioned that they were supposed to move to Michigan that morning to start a new life. I couldn't get the look of sadness on her face and in her voice out of my mind while I shopped. At the checkout counter there was a rainbow of colored lollipops on a display. I felt the urge deep inside to buy her two of them for her long two day journey to hopefully make her smile. I handed her a twenty dollar bill and the two lollipops and told her everything would be OK. As I started to walk away with tears streaming down her face she reached out and hugged me. She told me thank you for the hope. I only wish I had more to give her because to hear her say I gave her hope was a huge gift she gave me.

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