Monday, February 22, 2016

Is there a reason?

People get frustrated and worry when they are dealing with a negative situation. Although it's not what they want to hear everything does happen for a reason. Recently my friend lost their job. Now the fact that these days jobs are hard to come by it sure seemed like the worst thing possible. After weeks of looking for a job they finally got hired. This job paid more and it had great benefits. Then they were able to say they were glad they lost that job because if not they wouldn't be working where they are now. But thank goodness they only had weeks of worrying because that stress was taking a toll on them. There is a reason it happened but no matter what the reason was it didn't stop them from worrying until the reason was clear. I know it won't keep your from worrying as you face a negative situation but if you keep telling yourself"everything happens for a reason" it may help you from making yourself sick with worry.

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