Monday, August 3, 2015

The frustrating circle

Funny how "little things" happen that you know are just a part of "The Circle of Life". For example my teenage son had a friend over for a day of fun playing his new video game. As I was close by I could hear my son tell him "no you don't want to do that you will just lose a life. But his friend did it anyways and became frustrated when in fact just like my son had warned him he lost his life in the game. Over and over again I would hear my son warn him about dangers hidden in the game. After all it was his game that his friend was playing for the first time. Over and over again he wouldn't listen and he would lose a life. I mean hour after hour through all different levels he would warn his friend and his friend did it anyways. Well the point is we all have wisdom to pass on to spare others the turmoil in their life but just like my son those you tried to warn ignored the warning. The Circle of Life.....

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