Friday, August 21, 2015

I need you to help spread it

Have you ever saw a product and say why didn't I think of that? Or even worse to see a product that you did think of it and thought it was something that was needed by others yet you didn't do anything to be the first one to get it out to others. Thousands of people could also say they thought of it yet the first person to pursue it is the only one who can benefit from it. And then there are also those that acted on it and own it yet they haven't figured out how to grow it nor market it, like me. To anyone out there reading this who has any advice or ideas or who just wants to spread peace on earth by bringing peace of mind to as many people as possible please help me spread the message behind JFI. Peace of mind will be possible for them if they learn how to JFI out of their mind so it has room to get in.

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