Friday, February 13, 2015

Stop before you blow your engine

What the heck are you suppose to do when the pressures of your lifes circumstances creates a pressure cooker inside your body? If you don't relieve some of the pressure fast your very vital organs in your body will be squeezed to a halt. When your car starts flashing when the temperature gage is at a critically hot stage you know you better pull over immediately to let it cool down. If you don't your engine will blow it is that simple so you pull over and park. Well it is the same for your body. If you don't STOP Long enough to FLUSH some of the stress out of your mind your very organs that are your engine will just STOP. Unlike your car you can't just buy a new one. So when you feel your blood pressure rising STOP and "JUST FLUSH IT" before the pressure on your heart brings on a Sudden Cardiac Arrest bringing your Life to a halt. Maintain your Blood Pressure by FLUSHING IT as it comes.

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