Friday, February 20, 2015

Open their mind to help them escape

Have you known someone who's whole world as they know it has just been shattered by a painful unexpected circumstance? Most of us have at one time or another throughout our lives watched as someone we care about be personally tortured deep in their heart and soul to the point their eyes appear to be merely windows to an endless pit of emptiness and sadness. Their point of view is nothing but seeing no hope to repair even their very soul.They go through the motions of living daily but you can not do or say anything to ease their pain but you can distract them at least long enough to give them a chance to open their eyes and mind to the possibility that they can one moment at a time escape the darkness and feeling of loneliness and despair. Point out things in their life that they need to distract them by getting them to focus on the other plans or people or projects that are already in their life that the deep pain is blocking their view from being able to see them.

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