Monday, November 15, 2021

Not everybody likes Turkey

   You may not like Turkey and that is okay. You can still get plenty of other delicious side dishes to stuff yourself with.

  And you know there will be lots of tasty desserts that you only get to enjoy this once a year as part of the Thanksgiving feast.

  Trust me you will have plenty to feast on that day. 

  Heading back out tomorrow to get something I had been unable to find yet when I had been at the grocery store. 

  Everytime I go back out to any store, I seem to always come home with things that weren't on my list at all.

  We always put our Christmas tree up by Thanksgiving Day. It sets the Holly Jolly Mood to be part of our time together being THANKFUL we can be together.

  If a guest ask you if there's anything that they can bring when they come over to eat Thanksgiving Dinner, it's okay to let them bring something.

  If each person brought something each year then no one would ever have to say that they were too exhausted because they had to cook everything.

  Just thinking about all the delicious food I will get to have Thanksgiving Day and all the leftovers there will be is making my mouth water.

  What is your top five favorite Thanksgiving dishes are you most looking forward to eating?

 I could easily pick five favorites but it was on top of my favorite two desserts. So seven favorites it is.





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