Friday, November 12, 2021

How do you start your day?

   We all start our day the same way. We wake up and stand up. Before we head out to start our day we will all end up in front of the mirror brushing our teeth.

  Your morning routine is subconsciously done without even having to think about it.

  What is also subconsciously part of your morning routine is to fill your mind with things you had to experience yesterday and what you dread doing today. 

  Before you even are finished getting ready to start your day, you have filled your head with negative thoughts.

  Your mindset is set before the day has even really begun. You just gathered many "sandbags" that you will carry with you all day.

  To have a fresh start each day you got to do what the players do before the game and "huddle" with yourself and the person in the mirror to pump up yourself to be able to enjoy life while you are living it.

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