Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Destress to prevent being Distress

Have you heard the phrase "I'm having a Calgon moment?" Well although the name Calgon brings to mind a relaxing soak in the tub it means the complete opposite. When you are facing so many stressful situation swirling in your mind there is "no room" to figure out the solution to any of them. Heck even the simplest task that you normally automatically do are impossible because they are being blocked from your mind. It is important at these times to stand still and FLUSH anything out of your mind that you can to make room for you to think clearly so you can one by one figure them out so you can FLUSH AWAY your stress. Too much stress on your mind can lead to too much stress on you which will cause you to be in physical Distress. So "Just Flush It" and DE-STRESS your mind before you are in physical DISTRESS.

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