Friday, March 22, 2024

It may be BOGO but should you BUY IT?

     Since the prices on GROCERIES have DOUBLED it has made it NECESSARY to HUNT the stores and find your GROCERIES for BOGO deals.

    BUT...Unless you have a WALK IN PANTRY to store a lot of items you have to LIMIT what you can BUY no matter if it is a BOGO item.

    I have ENJOYED the EASTER EGG HUNT to find the bargains BUT....I am ready for prices to get BACK TO NORMAL PRICES so I don't have to HUNT anymore.

    And if it's BOGO on a box of chocolate you  have to ask yourself do you SERIOUSLY think that you should BUY them knowing that you don't NEED TO EAT TWO of them?

    When I walk in the front door at my local GROCERY STORE they have TABLES LINED UP with all kinds of GOODIES on sale BOGO.

   Now it's a different EASTER EGG HUNT trying to find the HEALTHY ones and IGNORING the UNNECESSARY SWEET ones.

   What you HAVE IN YOUR PANTRY is exactly what you CHOSE TO BUY at the store to bring home. 

   If you DON'T HAVE ice cream or chips to EAT then you will EAT something else.


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