Monday, January 9, 2023

Before you know it you will be the OLDER generation

   When you are young you look at people who are thirty as old 

   But before you know it you are thirty years old and you realize that you are still young at heart and full of energy.

  At this age you think you have plenty of time before you will be part of the OLDER GENERATION.

  BUT after a decade you realize that you are in the mid life stage and time seems to be flying faster.

 Now each year you feel like the next decade is just around the corner.

 You realize it's time to accomplish your long term goals because it won't be long before you will want to relax and enjoy them.

  Before you know it you will realize that you are OLD and you are the OLDER GENERATION.

  The CIRCLE OF LIFE seems to go FASTER the OLDER you get.

 And that means you are going to get OLD faster than you think so do everything you can while you are YOUNG enough to do it.

  You may still feel YOUNG AT HEART when you are OLD but your OLD BODY can only do what your OLD BODY can do.

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