Wednesday, June 15, 2022

You are wasting your time and you don't even know it.

   When you get OLDER you realize that you spent so much time on things that won't matter at all when you are OLDER

  You thought if I can just be consistent and work hard everything will work out fine but you don't always get  what you expected for your hard work.

  I am thankful that I was told you don't want a house with stairs because when you are OLDER it is hard to constantly go up and down stairs.

  I had always known that time flys by, but who could have known that in the blink of the eye, another year has gone by. 

  What you spend time doing today will determine how things will be later for you in the future.

  What you want for yourself can only be possible by doing what you have to do to have it.

Remember that it is only possible to have what you need when you are OLDER by knowing and doing what you have to before you get Old.



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