Monday, January 10, 2022

You can't appreciate it if you don't acknowledge it

  You can't be thankful for it until you acknowledge it.

  You won't learn from your mistakes until you admit that you made a mistake.

  You won't know what you need if you don't know what you need.

  Nothing will be different unless you do something DIFFERENTLY.

  Knowing what you need to do to get something done only helps you if you get up and do what you need to do to get 'r done.

 You alone should decide what you will do because you alone will have to live with the consequences for what you do.

  You can blame it on the MOON but you are the only one you can blame for the choices you make.

  If it is up to you then JUST DO IT. Remember choosing to do nothing is still a choice you make.

  If you want PEACE OF MIND then JUST FLUSH IT so PEACE OF MIND has ROOM to get in.

 The circumstances you face doesn't determine the OUTCOME. It is how you REACT to the circumstances you face that will determine the OUTCOME.

  Your thoughts are the reality that you live.

  If you want to FLY like Peter Pan you have to think HAPPY THOUGHTS.


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