Friday, February 19, 2021

Understanding isn't the same as accepting

 Many things will happen on your life's journey that you can't UNDERSTAND why or even how they could have happened. You just have to ACCEPT that there are some things that there just is no answer for, not even on Google.

  This last year we all have struggled in some way as we try to navigate through the many obstacles the pandemic has created. Since there is no way to know let alone UNDERSTAND, all we can do is ACCEPT that we have to learn as we go. 

  Quarantine gives us a lot of time to think and we can't clog up our minds with a list of all the negative situations this pandemic has caused. It's not healthy physically or mentally. 

  You can't keep it fresh on your mind, you have to ACCEPT it then JUST FLUSH IT out of your mind. With a clear mind you can see clearly how to ADJUST to get through it.

  Just UNDERSTANDING that there will be things you experience on your life's journey that you won't UNDERSTAND, will help you ACCEPT them when they do.  

  Thing just happen in LIFE, that's just LIFE. To ENJOY life you got to ENJOY it while you are LIVING it.

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