Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Your familly looks forward to it

Your family goes out to eat more often than they should. Thanksgiving is something they look forward to because they get homemade food. That is why I make plenty of extra for them to take home.  They all have their favorite foods. They eat so much that they need to take a nap after eating. I honestly thought it was the turkey that made us all so tired. So last year I only ate the ham but I was just as tired. It has to be because there are so many choices and we can't help ourselves we eat a little bit of everything. Unfortunately you can't leave any items off the list of food to prepare because they look forward to all of them. So we just have to accept that a nap is just part of Thanksgiving. I make desserts but they never have room to eat it but they take it home so they can eat it after their nap. A lot of stores have sales that day but we are all too full and tired to go shopping. Speaking of shopping you need to go soon for the items you need for your Thanksgiving dinner because there is always something you forget and you will need to have time to go back to the store and get them.

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