Monday, February 10, 2020

You can peacefully agree to disagree

Just because your opinion is different than their opinion, doesn't mean you should get angry or violent towards them. You may not agree with them but they have a right to have their own opinion. If you want the right to have your opinion you will have to respect other people's opinions. You can agree to disagree. Unfortunately some people get angry if you voice your opinion if it is different from theirs. Especially politics and religion. Some of my dearest friends and family members have a different opinions on politics and religion. Therefore, we don't talk about them with each other. There are times when the subjects get brought up and immediately the tone of the conversation gets tense. When it happens one of us says let's change the subject. We know that nothing we say to each other will change the other ones opinion but we know trying to would only damage our relationship. There is plenty to talk to each other about that has nothing to do with politics or religion. For the sake of our friendship, we just agree to disagree. If you find yourself starting to get tense when someone tells you their opinion, stop, exhale, and bring up a different subject to talk about. To keep peace you both just agree to disagree. It's that simple. Because it could take one simple argument over something you both know you have totally opposite opinions about to end a relationship that is not nor never has been what your friendship was formed on. You are who you are and they are who they are, and that is why you agree to disagree.

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