Monday, February 3, 2020

Did you notice that?

Even in a crowded area it is possible that no one noticed. We have trained ourselves to ignore everything. Some call it minding your own business. Some say they were too busy to notice. Others say it is too dangerous to get involved. And sadly enough, some say it's because they don't care what is happening to anyone else. When I was growing up, the neighbors would watch out for each other. And you feared that they would tell your parents if you misbehaved, nowadays neighbors fear retaliation if they tell on kids. When I told my neighbors son to go tell his parents what I just saw him doing, his response was his parents didn't care. I had known his parents and their children for a long time and I asked him out of respect for me please go tell your parents. He said yes mam. In less than a minute he was back outside. He said I told them what you said and just like I thought they said they didn't care. I thanked him for at least showing me respect and going in to tell them. Years later when he was grown up, when we were talking he brought up the memory of that day. He said he had always respected me for that. I was so happy that he remembered everything about that afternoon that was so long ago. He said he realized then that I was an old fashioned parent. I had never forgotten the incident but I assumed just like his parents that he would have forgotten it. Your brief encounter can make an impression, even though you don't think so. Perhaps as a parent one day he will care to hear from his neighbors if his children are misbehaving. Then he could nip it in the bud before it leads to commonly misbehaving when they are's much easier to stop a three year old from unacceptable behavior. If you wait until they are teenagers and out of control, it will be too late. Teach them from an early age. My best advice to young parents is to remember they have to love their children enough to let them hate them when they have to call them out on their bad behavior.

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