Friday, February 14, 2020

Don't waste it, make the most out of it

It's income tax time again. In the creative writing class I took many years ago, we were given the assignment to make up a new word and it's meaning. Because it was income tax time, my word was "scervous." It's meaning was being scared and nervous about how much I would owe. Now if you are lucky enough to get a refund, then for you, income tax time would be exciting and something you looked forward to. For some people who live payday to payday, it's the only time they get a chance to have any cash that you don't owe out before you get it. Don't waste it, use it wisely. It's tempting to go shopping and just blow it. Make the most of it by spending it wisely. You might enjoy some new clothes or a new electronic gadget, but if you have been worried about needing tires for your car, then you should use the money on new tires. Going to all of your favorite restraunts that you can't afford while you are living paycheck to paycheck, sounds good. But it is better to plan on one special dinner out, then use the rest of the money to fill your pantry and stock up on household supplies. That way you will have a little extra money as you live paycheck to paycheck for weeks, not use the money on a meal that only satisfies you for a few hours before it's time for your next meal. Instant gratification only lasts for an instant. It is best to choose what you want to spend your money on then the moment you get your refund check, stick to your decision and do it right away. Because if you hold on to it waiting to decide, it will get wasted little by little until it is gone. You should definitely splurge on something for yourself but don't make a gluten out of yourself.

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