Wednesday, February 5, 2020

There will be set backs but...

Accepting that there will be setbacks at times in your life, will help you not let them hold you back. If you think everything will always be smooth sailing for you during your life's journey, you won't be prepared when you hit rough times. Knowing that there will be tough times, can help you get through the tough times. You got to be able to JUST FLUSH IT so you can move on. Remind yourself of the things that you are good at and use those "tools" to get you back on track. The outcome is not what happens in life as much as it is about how you react to what happens to you. So if something angers you don't react until you have time to think about what your reactions would bring. Your first thought to a negative situation is so negative that the outcome will be negative. You will still be angry about it, but as long as you stop and think about it, you won't be angry at yourself for making things worse by how you reacted. Relying on your strengths will be the key to turning the situation around to get a positive outcome.

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