Friday, October 30, 2020

What will the holidays look like this year because of the pandemic?

 Tomorrow is Halloween. But because of the pandemic it will be different. Luckily my grandkids are going to an outdoor Halloween party. Therefore I won't have to worry, as much, about the number of people who could possibly expose them to covid-19. But as we all know even a small family gathering also has some risk. And even though the grocery store has its risk, you got to eat so you have to put on your mask and take that risk. Things will be different but my grandkids were still excited as they ordered their costumes on line to avoid the stores. We have decided to gather for a Thanksgiving meal, but we will be eating outside this year, just in case someone has it and doesn't know it. It will be a shorter visit but it will be nice to get together after many months apart. I know without a doubt that I want to watch the grandkids open their Christmas gifts from us. Pandemic or not I wouldn't miss the Joy they ooze at Christmas time for the World. Hopefully we will start New Years Day with a vaccine to end the Pandemic of 2020. Forever we will each remember what life was like during a pandemic. But don't let the pandemic stop you and your family from enjoying life. It may be different but you will just have to learn how to enjoy life in spite of the pandemic. The holidays are still a chance to create special memories and share your love and joy with others, even if you have to do it from a social distance or virtually. 

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Don't let our differences blind us from seeing our similarities

 We are all unique individuals which means there will be differences between us. You don't have to agree with everything they say to call them your friend. BUT if you want a friendship with them, you do have to agree to disagree to enjoy the love and friendship, in spite of your differences. Choosing to build a relationship based on you both having the same core values to build on. You may not agree in little ways but that's okay as long as you agree on the important things in Life. Who you surround yourself with has a profound affect on your life so you have to choose wisely. But don't let the small differences of opinions on subjects that don't matter in the long run, keep you from enjoying them as a friend. You will never know someone if you don't take the time to get to know them just because they have a different opinion than you do on something insignificant. We won't agree on everything but as long as we agree to disagree we can enjoy each others company. 

Monday, October 26, 2020

Are you waiting for the perfect opportunity?

 Are you waiting until the perfect time to do something? Since nothing is ever perfect, you might be wasting your time. Not only do you waste your time, you miss out on all the opportunities that you passed up on because they weren't perfect. It doesn't matter what PERFECT thing, person or opportunity you are waiting on, NOTHING IS PERFECT. NO ONE IS PERFECT. So don't look for what is not there. Don't wait on it because it isn't coming. Take advantage of the people and the opportunities that come your way so you don't miss out on the only opportunities you will ever have. Opportunity may come knocking at your door but you will never know unless you open the door when it does.

Friday, October 23, 2020

Trying to please everyone is stupid because you can't please everyone

 The turmoil you go through trying to please everyone around you can damage your health. It's impossible to please everyone. Fifty percent will be upset either way you go. It's nice that you want to please others, it shows you have compassion for others. But you have to take care of your own needs and desires for your overall well being. Doing something you REALLY HATE the thought of doing just to please someone else is not good for you or for the relationship with the person you are doing it for. You won't bond while doing it because you will be frustrated that you are doing something you absolutely don't want to be doing it. Be honest with yourself and with them from the beginning and tell them no. An honest no does far less damage. Sure they will be disappointed but trust me, they will get over it. But if you force yourself to do something that you absolutely don't want to do the turmoil inside you will have a negative impact on your overall well being. You feel pressured to do it so you stress over the thought of doing it for days or even weeks before it is even time to do it. The ten minutes or an hour of doing something to please someone else isn't worth the countless hours or days you lived in turmoil. Just be honest with yourself and them from the start and say no. There is nothing wrong with saying no. Just say NO so you can JUST FLUSH IT OUT OF YOUR MIND to maintain your overall well being. An honest NO is best for everyone.

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

You may not like it when it rains, but we need the rain

 Having to go out while it is raining isn't what you want but we need the rain. Needing something is a blessing when you get it, even though it may come at an inconvenient time. You have to be thankful that it came. You may have a favorite Season but there is something to enjoy about each Season. Those that live in colder climates couldn't imagine living in sunny Florida. But those that live in Florida can't imagine living in freezing winters. You adapt to whatever climate you live in just like you have to adapt in this ever changing WORLD we live in. The challenges we all face during this pandemic is tough whether it is cold or hot outside. We will get through this but we will have to adjust and bend like a pretzel to do it. You may get wet when it is raining but you know we need the rain.

Monday, October 19, 2020

It's not a good deal if you buy something you don't need

 If you don't need it you don't buy anything no matter what a "good deal" it is. As I was clearing out my closet to make room to start setting the gifts I bought for Christmas, I found lots of little "good deal" items in there that I had bought for a "good deal" since last Christmas. There were a few that I was excited to wrap up that I knew who I bought it for would love. But there was also a pile of items that no one i know would even want. I tried to remember if I bought it for anyone in particular but I had to admit that I only bought it because it was a "good deal." I didn't want to wrap them for anyone and they feel obligated to pretend that they love the gift that I bought them. Then take it straight home and throw it in their closet with a bunch of other gifts that people had bought them (that they won't use) over the years past. Don't waste your money on junk no one would want no matter how good of a deal it is. That's a waste of money and closet space for anyone to store it in. Bake them there favorite pie instead. That definitely won't end up in the closet. 

Friday, October 16, 2020

Memories that need something to trigger them to remember them

 Our minds have stored more memories then we even know. Some memories you think of often. Sights, smells, sounds, and words can trigger particular memories. Like when I hear an old song that I loved as a teenager. I can see and feel present in the decades old memory as if I had been time warped back. I am sure there has been times when someone relives a memory that you two shared that you had totally forgotten about. But it triggers the memory that you had buried deep in your mind then instantly you can vividly see it in your mind. At that moment you say, oh yeah I remember that now. Having happy memories be triggered is a good thing. But unpleasant memories can also be triggered the same way. I have learned that certain songs bring up negative memories so whether I like the song or not I turn the channel before I get time warped back and have to relive it. Spending time during the quarantine to have more conversations with friends and family, on the phone of course. It has triggered many fond memories that we both had forgotten about as we have plenty of time to connect and just have "small talk" that we never made time for before the pandemic. I am hoping we all call each other more often even after the pandemic to have more chances to relive treasured memories that we won't remember unless they get triggered.