Friday, May 29, 2020

A drive thru experience we will never forget

Do you remember your senior year of high school? Do you remember your senior prom? Do you remember Graduation night? You may not remember everything about your senior year but there are many special memories that you created during your senior year. I want to say CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS of 2020. Today we had my son's DRIVE THRU GRADUATION. It wasn't a traditional graduation by no means. As the music played we drove through the parking lot
where we were greeted by heartfelt signs being held by the teachers and their families. Every teacher we passed would call him by name and shout CONGRATULATIONS at a social distance. With tears of pride flowing down my cheeks as we were near the end of the line, I said to my son, WOW you only have six teachers yet I heard at least twenty of them shout out your name. He said Mom that's because you have a sign with my name on it hanging from your rearview mirror. I had totally forgotten that they said hang your GRADUATES name on your windshield. Even though it was right in front of me hanging. After we left our DRIVE THRU GRADUATION we got in the DRIVE THRU restaurant to celebrate. It may not have been a "traditional Graduation" but my son is officially a 2020 GRADUATE! 

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

If you earned it they can't take that from you but they can...

If you earned it, no one can take that from you. Forever it will be a fact that you earned it. Unfortunately it is also a fact that there are things, people and circumstances that can prevent you from reaping the benefits that you have earned. Even so, you still earned it, and you know it. They can't take away that fact nor can they take away the pride you have in yourself for all your hard work to earn it. Being proud of what you have done and what you will do is a priceless benefit that they can never take from you. Don't focus on what you didn't get or you won't be able to enjoy what you got. Don't focus on what you are not good at, no one is good at everything. Don't lose focus on what you are good at so you can figure out how to use that to your advantage. You can either be your biggest cheerleader or your worst enemy. Your thoughts make up the reality that you live, not what others think about you. All you have to do to be comfortable in the skin you are in, is if you are comfortable with what you do in the skin you are in. Being proud of who you are only comes from being proud of what you have done. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

You will get wet in the rain but you know we need the rain

As I was running around doing my errands today, I was in and out in the rain. It wasn't fun but I know we need the rain. The puddles of rain in the parking lot made it impossible to keep my shoes dry, but I know we need the rain. As I arrived home I could hear the birds chirping as they bathed in the puddles. I know they were happy it was a rainy day. Later as I sat out on my porch I could hear the frogs as they came out of their hiding spots to cool off in the puddles. The flowers that were wilting from the heat earlier were now standing tall as they soaked up some rainwater. Now I was relaxing enjoying the benefits that the rain brings, no longer thinking about how miserable it had been earlier because of the rain. There are good points and bad points on a rainy day. But at the end of the day we need the rain. The good points about the rain far out way the bad points. In life you make good decisions if you base your decisions on whether the good out weighs the bad that will come from your decision. If it doesn't, then DON'T do it. By weighing your options, you don't weight yourself down and carry it with you on your life's journey.

Monday, May 25, 2020

You know if you don't leave a scab alone then your cut can't heal

In order to heal from any physical health issues you know it takes time to heal and feel better. It doesn't happen in an instant. Nor will you heal if you don't do what your doctor says. You certainly need to avoid it from physically ever happening again if it is possible. Other issues you may face on your life's journey affect your mental health negatively. Don't keep reliving it over and over again in your mind so it can hurt you again and again. Take the painful experiences from your past and JUST FLUSH IT out of your mind so it can't do any more damage to you. Keeping it FRESH on your mind won't allow you to "HEAL" from it. Once was enough! There will be times on your life's journey that in order to have a "GOOD DAY" you will have to "FLUSH AWAY A BAD DAY."

Friday, May 22, 2020

Obviously you know you can't please everyone....

You learn at a young age that you can't please everyone, no matter how hard you may try. Throughout your life you find yourself in situations where you are performing a juggling act to not let those around you down. It's hard to be someone in the middle of situations knowing no matter what you do, you can't please everyone which usually means someone is going to be disappointed. Your only choice is to make sure you are pleased with whatever you choose to do or choose not to do. You can't always please everyone but you got to ALWAYS please yourself. At the end of the day, the only thing that matters is if you are proud of yourself for the choices you make. You won't be happy in the skin you are in unless you are happy with what you do in the skin you are in. If it makes you happy then you will be happy. If someone else is unhappy about the decision that you made does it really matter as long as you are happy? You knew before you made your decision that you can't please everyone but you can please yourself. That's why if it makes you happy then you know you made the right decision for you.

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

If you know what you want it may sometimes require you to put your blinders on

Of course you need to look at things with an open mind. You need to look at it from every angle. Depending on how you look at it will determine what you see in order for you to know what you should do. Then make the necessary plans of the path you need to take to get where you want to go in Life. The path may be bumpy along your journey to get where you want to be but as long as you stay on the path you will get there. There will be a few that will tell you to give up if you fall, but everybody falls off their bycicle many times while they are learning to ride a bycicle. You don't give up because you know the end result is you will know how to ride a bike. Make little goals that will be the steps you will need to reach bigger goals that you have planned for your life's journey. Your dreams are made with your mind wide open and then you put your blinders on to prevent anyone or anything from distracting you from reaching them. Your dreams can't come true if you don't have any dreams. You can't reach your goals if you don't set goals for yourself. Along your journey in Life there will be twist and turns as well as bumps along your path. But as long as you stay on the path you will get where you need to be. The first step is choosing where you want to go. The second step is choosing the path you will have to take to get there. The third step is to put your blinders on so no one or nothing can distract you from getting there.

Monday, May 18, 2020

We are all affected even if we are not infected

The covid19 virus will affect every one, even though not everyone will become infected with covid19. The economical damages have also created unhealthy personal damages that can't be fixed simply by finally getting a paycheck. Getting settled back in will take time. Finding a way to regroup after a pandemic is hard when you are still living with the unknowns that the pandemic has in store for our future. Whatever the future brings is what future plans we will regroup and make to stand strong again. One day at a time, one phase at a time, one step at a time we will all win the war against covid19. My son is a 2020 graduate and although he missed out on a lot of things that most seniors do, he will be forever part of the story of the pandemic of 2020. This fact doesn't help him much but it is a fact that will never be forgotten. Congratulations to the 2020 GRADUATES all around the WORLD.