Friday, January 1, 2021

Your opinion can hold you back from seeing things

 Your opinion is the only opinion that matters. But your opinion can keep you from seeing the "big picture" because it narrows your point of view. You can form an opinion without knowing all the facts. Perhaps if you would look at things differently you would change your opinion. Unfortunately once you form an opinion on something you close your mind preventing you from seeing it differently. You may not like apples but still like warm apple pie. But you will never know unless you try a piece of apple pie. You may hate being out in the cold weather but still love skiing. But you will never know unless you try skiing. Your opinion about it may change but only if you are open minded. Getting all the facts about something may change your opinion but will you choose to get the facts? I had an opinion about someone whom I had worked with decades ago. Recently I learned about their circumstances in Life that totally changed my opinion about them. I understood now but I wish I would have known back then. Some people keep their life situations private because they don't want anyone to know. Unfortunately not knowing can make someone form an opinion about you without them really knowing you at all. I am not saying anyone should tell everyone everything about themselves. I am just pointing out that without knowing all the facts, you should stop and consider what is your opinion based on? If you knew all the facts would you have a different opinion? It can either change your opinion or confirm that your opinion was right. But it is better to get the facts so you can make an informed decision than to regret the decisions that you made because your opinion was wrong. How many times throughout your life have you said "If I would have known that I sure would have done things differently"? Don't decide without knowing what the facts are so you can make the right decision. If you thought you were picking six Powerball  lottery numbers assuming that the numbers range from 1-30, you would be cutting your chances to win. Because the fact is the range is 1-69 and you would never have picked any number from 31-69 because you never bothered to get the facts before you picked your six numbers. Happy New Years Day everyone.  

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