Wednesday, January 13, 2021

A big idea from a little bit of "small talk"

 In the fast paced world we live in there never seems to be any time for "small talk" to take place. Back in the good old slow moving times there was always time to sit around and talk to people. Having "small talk" brings up all kinds of topics that just flow out as you pass the time. You learn a lot of things that you will remember later in life that will be helpful to you. As you talk about circumstances that you are struggling with, you can figure out a solution to your problem without them saying a word. The human connection helps you stay connected to your human side. With all the technology overtime we feel connected but it is with people who only exist in cyberspace disguised as anything they want to be. Try to remember that it is okay to visit cyberspace friends but a human hug can't be replaced by a cyberspace poke. 

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