Friday, October 9, 2020

Saying please and thank you is more important than you may ever know

 You probably already know how hard it is to resist someone when they say please. The look on their face seems to be begging you as much as the word please does. You know that if you want something you may have to say please to get it. But telling someone thank you for normal everyday things should not be overlooked. My son actually got all of us in the habit of saying Thank You for even the little everyday things. Like making him dinner, he has instilled in my grandchildren the same thing, they all say Thank You as I hand them their food or a snack. He even tells me Thank You when I do his laundry. When you tell someone Thank You it makes their efforts feel important. Even if as his Mom of course I am going to cook for him and do his laundry, it sure feels nice when he notices and says Thank You. Acknowledging when someone does something for you with a Thank You is important. When a stranger tells you Thank You when you do something nice for them it makes you feel good. When someone holds a door open for you, automatically you smile and say Thank You. Especially during this pandemic when someone holds the door open for me I am so very Thankful because that is one less thing I have to touch that could have coronavirus on it. Remember to say Thank You to acknowledge someone's good deed whether it is your spouse, your child, your parents, your friend, your neighbor, your lawn guy, the store clerk or a stranger. It will mean more to them then you will ever know.

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