Friday, October 16, 2020

Memories that need something to trigger them to remember them

 Our minds have stored more memories then we even know. Some memories you think of often. Sights, smells, sounds, and words can trigger particular memories. Like when I hear an old song that I loved as a teenager. I can see and feel present in the decades old memory as if I had been time warped back. I am sure there has been times when someone relives a memory that you two shared that you had totally forgotten about. But it triggers the memory that you had buried deep in your mind then instantly you can vividly see it in your mind. At that moment you say, oh yeah I remember that now. Having happy memories be triggered is a good thing. But unpleasant memories can also be triggered the same way. I have learned that certain songs bring up negative memories so whether I like the song or not I turn the channel before I get time warped back and have to relive it. Spending time during the quarantine to have more conversations with friends and family, on the phone of course. It has triggered many fond memories that we both had forgotten about as we have plenty of time to connect and just have "small talk" that we never made time for before the pandemic. I am hoping we all call each other more often even after the pandemic to have more chances to relive treasured memories that we won't remember unless they get triggered. 

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