Wednesday, October 7, 2020

A bump in the road doesn't change your direction it just adds a detour

 Throughout your life's journey there will be an occasional BUMP along the way. Just like when there is road construction areas you just take a detour that will lead you around it. It will lead you right back on track, just a little annoying. In your personal life there will be bumps that you will have to figure out how to go around them yet still remain on your path. With the pandemic the road has been VERY BUMPY for everyone. For some it has made them take a different route with a different destination then they thought they would go. I have talked to many restaurant employees who had to find other types of jobs since restaurants took an especially hard hit during the pandemic. At first they were upset about changing careers but after six months they like their new line of work and are thankful that they had no choice, they needed income or they never would have thought about it as a career. People whos jobs allow them to work from home during the pandemic love it. They hope there bosses will allow them to work from home permanently. Trying to keep companies going during the pandemic has had many bumps and hurdles to accomplish. Patience and creativity are key during the pandemic. Remember anyone can make a mountain out of a mole hill if they keep adding dirt. Don't react to a bump in a way that turns it into a mountain. Just go around the bump.

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