Monday, July 20, 2020

You may have thought about it but...

I read a story the other day about the generosity of a customer giving a car to a fast food employee, who's car had broke down. He had seen him walking to work and after years of coming to the restraunt he knew he was a hard worker and was always pleasant. He had an extra car so anonymously, with the help of the manager he gave him the car. Most people don't have an expensive way like that to help someone in need to that extent. But every random act of kindness makes a positive difference to them. The story inspired me to do something to help a random stranger. With the pandemic I wasn't going out to see anyone. After thinking about it I finally thought of something I could do. Since I didn't know what anyone needed I decided I could at least make someone smile. I gathered some of my grandkids toys that they had outgrown to put out at the road and sit on my porch and wait to see the smile on the face of who stopped by to pick it up for free. I put out the kitchen playset with the table, dishes, food, toy appliances, even a toy microwave, as well as many other toys they had outgrown. Within literally two minutes, a car pulled in my driveway and two women got out with smiles on their faces as they loaded up their car. I couldn't help myself, I hollared out have fun, as I waved with a big smile on my face. As I thought about all the fun times their children would have when they got it home, it warmed my heart to imagine the smile it put on their faces. Now more than ever before people could sure benefit from random acts of kindness.

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