Friday, July 31, 2020

You become very creative when times are tough

When times get tough you have to get creative to get through the tough times. When you are faced with tough decisions, you will have to think of a way to have the best outcome. Which also will take "creative thinking" to figure out a way, by thinking outside of the box to make a positive outcome even possible. In stead of being angry during the quarantine about being stuck at home, get creative with ideas of things you can do while you are stuck at home. By the time the quarantine is over, your yard and your house will get a homemade makeover that you would have never done if you weren't quarantined. For years to come you will be proud of all the "little projects" you had done. Even going to get groceries when you find empty shelves takes creativity to provide food for your family. Who knows you just might discover some new family favorites that you never would have cooked except you had to get creative with what you had.

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