Monday, July 6, 2020

Don't hit the snooze button

To start your day off on the right foot starts by you NOT hitting the snooze button. You set your alarm for the exact time so you know you have enough time to wake up and get started on time. If you hit the snooze button you will start off behind schedule. Just get up when it goes off. There is a reason you set it for that time. Most of the ten minutes of snooze time you spend frustratingly trying to fall back asleep. Then you run around frantically trying to get ready on time. You are your most alert and energetic in the morning hours. So starting the morning off right will determine how productive your day will be. You know breakfast is the most important meal of the day and if you hit that snooze button you won't have time to fuel up for the day. Your day starts the minute the alarm goes off and hitting the snooze button is your decision whether you will have a good day or a bad, think about that before you hit the snooze button.  If you find that you need ten more minutes of sleep each day then go to bed ten minutes earlier each night. I often wander why they put the snooze button on an alarm at all. Because like they say if you SNOOZE you LOSE.

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