Monday, June 8, 2020

What businesses will be open after the quarantine ends?

For months we have had to shutdown everything to stop the spread of covid19. It has been devastating economically and emotionally frustrating. When will they be able to begin to recover? Who knows how much longer some of the local business will suffer financially before they are forced to close their doors for good. Some communities will suffer far more than they can endure. After the quarantine is over every business that closed will be less jobs available for those living in those communities. Running down to get what you need from stores that were usually open, won't be possible due to them closing.  If you want your local stores to be open you have to support them now so that they will be. We will be better budgeters and more thrifty than we have been over the past few decades. We would replace items not because they were broke but because we wanted the new style. Hopefully we will remain more thrifty after we recover so we are in less unnecessary burden of debt to carry.

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