Friday, May 8, 2020

Before you hit send...

You decide to look something up in cyberspace and before you know it an hour has gone by. Have you ever tried to go back to find what you were reading on the internet but couldn't find it? You hit in the same thing you did the first time yet what you were looking at before is no where to be found. You could search for an hour and never find it. You know it is somewhere lost in cyberspace. Most of the time exploring cyberspace is a great distraction when you have plenty of time to be distracted. But when you need to get back to the information you were at in a timely manner, you don't have any time for distractions. Unfortunately even cyberspace has a Bermuda triangle that things disappear in. You never know what you will find in cyberspace and you will never know what will get lost in cyberspace. One thing is for sure if you don't want something you wrote to be found in the future then don't write it. Because once you hit send it is in permanent ink somewhere in cyberspace where some one could find it.

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