Monday, May 4, 2020

The bugs in your own back yard can be entertainment

While everything is closed you got to find ways to entertain yourself at home. As I was sitting outside I noticed a trail of ants. It is amazing how they all stay in a straight line. It reminded me of the movie Bugs Life. As I looked closer I could see that most of them were carrying things that were as big as they were. I sat outside for hours enjoying the gentle breeze and the fresh air. From time to time I would glance over at the trail of ants. I noticed one little ant off just an inch away from the line struggling to carry what looked like a piece of a leaf. It was twice his size and it's shape made it impossible for him to go in a straight line. Rather than hold the line up, he moved over. He was determined, no matter how hard it was, nothing would stop him from doing it. Once I noticed him I couldn't help but think about the determination, just like a human being has to have to struggle through Life with a heavy load to bare. I began to think about how many people are dealing with a lot of things due to the lockdowns. Just because the lockdowns will end doesn't end the struggles they will face to pick up the pieces of their lives and get back on track. If you can help them get up on their feet it will help them stand on their own, although they may still be a little wobbly. When the lockdowns are over be kind to everyone you meet because you have no idea what they may be going through, nor how wobbly they are.

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