Monday, March 2, 2020

Does it really matter?

Stressing over things that don't really matter only makes the important things you have to do more stressful. As a friend and I who rarely got together, were heading out to enjoy ourselves, the traffic made it a frustrating ride. It seemed to have zapped the energy right out of both us. But obviously the extra five minutes in traffic didn't affect our plans at all. But as we began to talk about the traffic it was interfering with the conversations we would have had as we drove here and as we walked through the parking lot. Once inside we both realized that we had to JUST FLUSH IT out of our minds so we could enjoy our day out together. You can't enjoy the moment you are in if you spend every moment thinking about things that happened yesterday. Yesterday is already gone, tomorrow may never come, but today is yours to enjoy. To enjoy life you have to enjoy it while you are living it.

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