Friday, March 13, 2020

Can anything positive come out of the corona19 virus?

So many times I have started to write a blog about the corona19 virus, but they sounded so negative. I write short little blogs to give you something to ponder to distract you long enough to catch a fresh breath of air. In this fast paced World we live in, we don't slow down to relax. At times our lives can be filled with chaos and a relaxing moment to forget about it, is important. I have tried to think of something positive that could possibly come out of the corona19 virus, finally I started seeing some. As we are forced basically to stay home as much as possible, we can finally have time for "small talk" that has become non existent in the fast paced World we live in. We have time and we want to call relatives and friends to check up on them, which keeps us connected to our "human side" that is desperately needed in society. Since we aren't running around we won't be eating unhealthy fast food, so we will save money and get healthier. Not to mention we will lose a few pounds eating healthy foods at home, and loosing a few pounds is a good thing. Because we aren't going out for entertainment, we will save money. Since we aren't out shopping, we will save money. Giving our bodies a much needed break from running it ragged, is definitely good for your health. All those projects you had put off because you weren't home long enough to do them, well now you have the time and the energy to do them. No matter what country or what city you live in, the corona19 virus will have a negative impact on each and every one of us. It is natural to be concerned but don't be obsessed about it, that alone is dangerous to your health. What will you do with the extra time you have?

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