Friday, January 31, 2020

Was it taught or untaught?

Everyone is born with honesty and a conscience. A young child says whatever pops in their mind. They sometimes let your secrets out because they had no idea that it was something that was a secret.  Most of the time it isn't a big deal if anyone else knows, but you would have rather that no one else knew. When I was young the  family would all gather to watch the old show called " Kids say the darndest things." It wasn't very funny necessarily for kids but it sure made the adults laugh uncontrollably. Now that I am "old" I see the show from a whole different point of view. And I laugh uncontrollably and say OMG a lot. If you are a parent to young children it makes you wander what might fly out of their mouths at any given time. I know when my children were young they blurted out things that not only did I wish they hadn't, but I didn't even know they had heard or seen. Children of all ages appear to be too busy to notice yet somehow they can describe to a tee, everything that was going on all around them.  Unfortunately the pictures they describe are full of some details that you would rather that no one else knew. Knowing that children are born with a conscience to guide them, you have to wander how is it possible that they can be so cruel to each other. Just how did they suddenly become a school bully. How can they be allowed to bully other children? You by law have to send your kids to school yet there doesn't seem to be a law that the teachers can't ignore it when they see someone being bullied. If you ignore it then it becomes acceptable behavior. And if you accept it then it will be a common occurrence. That means your teaching our children that it is okay to be a bully and it's okay that they are the victim of the bullying. It's time we start focusing on just what's going on in our schools these days. We need to remember every home is a class room and every parent is a teacher. What we teach our kids are learned behaviors. It takes a village to raise a child because every single interaction they have determines who they become as adults that make up our neighborhoods. We all can teach the children so that they can help clean up the mess in society that took many generations to create. If all the generations can come together we can fix it in "OUR" generation. Teach HUMANITY to replace the INSANITY we see in society these days. World peace is possible but it will happen one person at a time having "peace of mind."

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